The Journey

Hello there Peeps! Long Time no chat! (I have a video coming up tomorrow, Yay!)
Anyway, today I want to talk to you about something very exiting!
One of my friends , Sven ( is participating in a designers contest!
The winner of the contest will have the honour of distributing his/her designs in JBC stores all over Belgium. Well , if there is one designer who deserves to win this, It is Sven (take a look on his blog if you don't believe me ;).
One of the amazing pieces from his collection.

So, what I wanna ask you guys to do is to vote for him on this website:

Thank you very much if you did and spam all your friends with this! it would be amazing to see his collection in JBC! (And hey, if he wins , you will be able to wear his designs too! ;D)


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