Holy Shizzles! I haven't posted for quite some time now ! I wouldn't judge you if you had forgotten me by now... Anyway, let's just give you an update on my life through some pictures :

 So I had exams the past two weeks and damn... I forgot how much I HATE studying!
Don't get me wrong, I do like school and going to school itself is not that bad, but exams... URGH!

Well, this is my personal "puss-in-boots-without-actual-boots". even though she doesn't move two meters a day, she's my little (or actually very fat) baby and I love her!

...even though she always decides to sit at the worst places :)

Oh how I love my new bear hoodie!!! (it has ears!!!!!)

I made a printscreen on my phone of these gorgeous shoes! These suit my style sooooooooo well!

And last but not least, I cut my hair this week! Yes, I did it myself *proud face* I've been cutting my hair myself since I was about 14-15 years old and it has never really turned out to be a disaster, so...


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