My Brand New Workout Routine

Hellowkidowki, Guys!
Today's post is going to be my NEW workout routine. I've been using this routine since the first of july and so far  I've been keeping it up every single day (and I promise you, results will be visible SOON!).I also made it "harder" every day, by doing the excercises longer , to build up my condition (wich you should do! don't go crazy on excercising the first day, slowly build it up, the exercises below are the ones I do NOW. but I started with doin "light versions" of these excersises.
It's a combination of several exercises and miniworkouts that can all be done AT HOME!! wich means: no extra costs so no excuses :p So: Let's get right into it!

1. Drink a glass of warm water with some lemonjuice (not really an excercise, but this is what I do before every workout, it helps to detox your body).

2. As a warming-up, I do jumping jacks for 1-2 minutes.

3. Then, I do this workout :  by Cassey From Blogilates . Her workouts are always amazing and she's very supporting in her video's, wich makes working out a lot of fun!.

4. If I survived that part, I do the "99 workout". This is by far the hardest part since the previous step was already pretty intense. The 99 workout is based on a few excersises : Jumping jacks , Crunches , Wall sits, Leg raises and pushups. The first time, you do : 99 jumping jacks , 99 crunches , 99 second wall sit , 99 leg raises and 9 pushups. then, you do 88 jumping jacks , 88 crunches , 88 sec wall sit , 88 leg raises and 8 pushups.... Don't  do the 99 workout The first time you workout!!!, but add parts of it every few days (example : one day you add only the 99 part, a few days later you do the 99 and the 88 part ... and so on...)

5. Then , to finish my workout , I pick one of Casseys (Blogilates) Bikini Blaster Video's ( ) , depending on wich part of my body I want to train that day .

6.And Then... I die , BUT, I die in peace , because I feel so great after a workout! (not immedeately, the first five minutes, I'm gasping, wheezing drooling and sweating, but after my shower, I feel like I can handle the world!


  1. Oh gosh, sounds exhausting! Especially the 99 thingy work out :O But I think it's pretty perfect for me to do too x) I should work out some more x)

  2. Haha, leuke post!

  3. Super leuk gedaan met die plaatjes, hihi! Nummer 3 doe ik vaak bij de warming up voor dansen, poehh dat is best zwaar na een tijdje haha!

  4. Leuk! Ik doe altijd de workouts van de apps ´Dagelijkse´. Iphone apps :D




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