Mini beauty haul

Sooooo, Today I went shopping with Yena ( who is one of my best friends and also a nail polish junkie :p) and I bought some beauty products :D

The first thing I bought was something I had been wanting for a loooooong time : magnetic nail polish , review is coming up!

Magnetic nailpolish - Essence
Then I bought three lipsticks , one from Catrice and two from Park Avenue, wich is a brand that I'm not really familiar with, so I descided to try it out. ;)
lipsticks from Park avenue (two on the left side) and Catrice ( Right one)
At the drugstore, they had a discount on handsanitizers and since I sanitize my hands probably over 20 times a day (No kidding, I alwas go a little freaky on handsanitizers)

Hand sanitizer - Kruidvat

Batiste Dry Shampoo, doesnt really need an explanation, I guess :)
Batiste Dry Shampoo

Another Nail polish!!!! Love the color!

Essense - 08: Did someone say nude?

And last but not least - some new earphones, mine broke this morning and I can't live a day without music :)
Earphones - Skullcandy


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