Style Development

When I see old pictures of myself, I don't start screaming: "OMG! WHAT WAS I WEARING!?", my style was not bad. It was just very unoriginal , I was an Abercrombie sweater-blue jeans - converse All stars kind of girl. As I said, not very original. Well, it has turned 180 degrees this year. I bought a Yellow Coat,a pair of american-flag-shorts, a sweater with Zebra's on it (not zebraprint, actual Zebra's), megamega high heels and a lot of vintage stuff. Peter pan-collars became my trademark and I started using more makeup than just a little bit of bronzer wich I only wore when I went to parties (wich is a shame for a sixteen-year old girl). Ofcourse, I still wear my converse (hello, nothing wrong with converse!) and abercrombie sweater (it's just soooo comfortable) on lazy sundays or shopping trips, but when I have the chance, I will make sure everyone has noticed (and approved) my style.


  1. Hahaha helaas heb ik wel het gevoel van 'OMG droeg ik dat echt?!' maar des te meer ik blij ben met de stijl die ik aan het ontwikkelen ben (:
    Leuke post!


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