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Hello, my beloved readers! Since I bet you are all fashionista's on a budget (maybe a few lucky ones that aren't on a budget, but anyway), I descided to share my favourite budgettip with you guys : DIY! It may sound obvious, but I discovered the DIY-world only about a year ago, All I made before were beaded bracelets (the ones you make in elementary school). I thought you needed a sewing machine and a lot of talent to make other fashionstuff. But oh, how was I wrong! I discovered a website called PS I made this,wich is the most amazing DIY- blog EVER , The DIY's look fabulous and are not even hard to do, my favourites are:
Inspired by Prada 2012 resort collection. I love statement earrings, with the perfect earrings, you don't need any other piece of jewellery.
Of course, the real Marc Jacobs mouse flats are nicer to have, but hey, fake it until you make it !
I find the basic idea of this collar wonderful, but I also think that she made it too big, since it's lace , it wil be a statement piece anyway, whether it's huge , like it is here, or a litte bit (or a lot) smaller, wich I would prefer.
Well, these are just so girly, gotta love 'em.
This clutch (made with sharpies) is just SO funny :) (I'm sorry for the small pictures, but that's how they turned out , the full-size pictures are all on There are way more tutorials on her website, but if i had to type them all down, my fingers would fall off ;)


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