Inspi: Astrid Bryan

"this is my pimped out-chromed-out-truck" I'm sure that the belgian people over here will know who I'm talking about : Astrid Bryan . For the people that don't know her : she blogs for "the blonde and the brunette". but most of all, she's a realitystar. She started her career in a tv show called "Vlaamse Hollywoodvrouwen"(Flemish hollywood women)Wich was about a few Belgian women living in Hollywood. Astrid was definately the most extraordinary (in a good way). since last year, she has her own realityshow "Astrid in Wonderland". A lot of people think she's Arrogant and stupid, wich I don't understand, because yeah, sure, when you only see a few clips, she does look like that. But I have seen the entire "astrid in wonderland" series, and I became obsessed with her!she is not arrogant, she just knows what se wants, and she goes for it. And even though not EVERYTHING she wears is my cup of tea, in general she has an amazing sense of style, very simple, but always very "put-together"!

video of Astrid showing her closet:


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