Hauled : American flag scarf!

Hi guys, I'm back ( I know, it has been an awful no-post-at-all-week) I'm not going to make up excuses, I have just been very lazy this week ( wich I shouldn't have been, laziness is an addicting disease, once you start, getting yourself into doing something again is very hard) but!!! As I said I am so totally completely back!! And today's post is going to be a mini one-item-haul :) what I bought is:.... An American flag-printed scarf!!!!
I bought it at a tiny little store in my hometown , I don't even think it has a name. It is the kind of store everyone would avoid( including me) This is the only item I have ever even slightly liked from that store. Buying an entire outfit there would make you look like a drag queen , for sure. But okay, back to the scarf, I was walking down the street yesterday , and that's when I saw it ! It was hanging outside of the store ( thank god, because that's how I noticed it) and when I saw it, I was sold!I love American flag prints and I seem to be collecting those kind of items , I have a pair of american-flag shorts, an iphonecase and now also a scarf with the beautiful print . And the best thing about it : it was only 5 euro's, BARGAIN!!!


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