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Well , my fellow Blog-readers, as you can tell (hopefully, otherwise you should go see a doctor) this post is in English.That's because I just can't descide wich language I like better, Dutch or English. Everytime I write in English, some Flemish or Dutch people mail me to say that they like it better in Dutch and when I do write in Dutch, English speaking people mail me that they don't understand what I write. So I descided to write in whatever Language I want, wich may change overtime, so don't be shocked if you see a polish post next week (no, just kidding, I don't speak polish). But since I do speak English...

well, off to something else now:
I am in Full exams these days and it's HORRIBLE! I don't really like school (wich is an understatement) and I truly hate exams.

BUT! the fact that I have exams also means that my holidays are coming up and Holidays = SHOPPING!!! :D I am in desperate need of the smell of new clothes , and I have a wishlist, a really really long one ( wich I wil partly share with you guys in one of my next posts)

I am moving in a few months and my room there will have a built in closet (YAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!) with a huge mirror (double YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!) so I will have to fill up that space ( wich I don't really mind.

I have discovered a new kind of nailart (I'm sure that for a lot of you this isn't even new, but let's just ignore that fact) : colour block nails! :D let me know if you want a DIY for this ;)


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