gotta have a best friend, right?

Of course it's great to have a best "girl"friend, you can shop, talk about boys...
But between girls, there can be quite some drama (don't get me wrong , 99% of my best friends are girls, and I love them!!!!!!) So having a best "guy"-friend can be amazing too, and yes, I am blessed with the most amazing friend ever!! (and he's not even gay). Well now the question is : Can boys and girls be "just friends"? Yes, they definately can! my best friend ,Gijs and I fell for eachothers best friends (i'm not going to mention names) , not for each other (wich would be kind of weird because we are family , well i'd rather call it related, our family-relationship goes far back).
Having a best guy-friend is really refreshing. You can speak about other things than makeup, shopping and boys, and just fool around, have fun, be crazy !

Things I do/ did with Gijs:

  1. Making youtubevideo's:
  2. Talk about boys (who can give you better advice about boys than a boy?)
  3. shop for nailpolish (he hated this, but hey, friends support other friends needs, right?
  4. I'm going to teach him how to play the piano.
  5. I did an attempt to do the same thing with a guitar.
  6. Received a drunk phonecall ( was kinda funny).
  7. Went to a coverband concert.
  8. Lots of other fun things!!!!!
If you want to follow his very interesting life :

Ok, excuse the appearance please xD


  1. you forgot to mention 1 thing. You forced to me go shop for nailpolish

  2. Oh,and the guy you fell for,wasn't my best friend. Just a friend.

  3. well I thought he WAS your best friend ? hasn't he ever been? anyway you did fall for my best friend

  4. Sounds like a really nice guy! x

  5. yes evi, I did, and i'm proud of it. She's amazing.


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