Good Riddance 2021

I wish you all a very happy 2022! Obviously, I can only speak for myself, but I think a lot of you will agree: 2021 has been an absolute shitshow of a year and I am so thrilled to leave it behind. 

2021 - GOOD. BYE. 

I am a very optimistic and positive person by nature, but the past year just happened to have a lot more lows than highs. Life seriously tested us as a family. We got through it. Physically unscathed, but I am very sure that 2021 is a year we will never forget. No matter how much we want to. 

So, 2021 I am breaking up with you. It's not me, it's you. Please never contact me again. Good riddance. Goodbye. 

Now, a new year usually comes with resolutions and my relationship with those is ambiguous to say the least. I have made and broken hundreds of resolutions in my almost 27 years (what?!) on this planet, yet the start of a new year always feels like such an opportunity to start good habits and say goodbye to old ones. It feels like a fresh start and fresh starts are so liberating. So yes. I do have some resolutions, but they look nothing like the ones I used to make. There is no 'losing weight' or 'stop spending money' in my list. Actually, they can all be summarized into one resolution: Creating a more balanced life. 

I feel like I have been constantly stressed since I graduated college. I always feel like I should do more, make use of every little ounce of potential in my body. Preferably before turning 30, which is an absolutely ridiculous based-on-nothing-but-the-public-opinion-deadline. Absolute bullshit and I'm done with it.

This year, I plan to do more 'unproductive' things. Go for long walks with my favorite (true crime-) podcasts, dance in my living room to Taylor Swift (no surprise there), read the books I feel like reading, whether that's some high-brow analysis of society, or the 'Confessions of a Shopaholic'-series (among my faves since I was 14), cook some meals from scratch and actually take some time to enjoy the process. I also plan on using the good stuff. Burn the good candles. Use that expensive but oh-so-pretty lipstick. Wear my fancier dresses to work. 

Phew! That was quite the rant, wasn't it? I feel a little bit anxious to post this, because it's not the bubbly kind of content I usually provide. But then again... I think it's time for some real experiences on the internet, instead of only the best ones. 

2022 - a fresh start

The first week of 2022 was a good one for me. We went to Bruges on the second and third of January. We used to go there every year around this time when I was younger, but this was the first family trip in years, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Bruges is also just an absolute fairytale around this time of year. Definitely worth a trip! 

 Hey Siri, Play 'Christmas tree farm' by Taylor Swift

I bought a cute little 'Paperblanks'- notebook in Bruges and started journaling again, which is a tremendous help in creating some balance. It makes me feel less anxious when I have a place to put my feelings (good and bad) and experiences (good and bad) into words. Writing down the bad things helps to process them, while writing down the good ones, makes me remember and acknowledge them. 

I am also in a massive clearout-and-organisation-frenzy these days. Since I'm one of those 'it gets worse before it gets better'-people, the house is now in a complete state of chaos. But I'm sure the satisfaction at the end will be worth it. 

Yesterday, I went shopping with one of my bff's (are we still using 'BFF' or does that officially make me a millennial who's stuck in the 2010's?), Paulien. I already did one 'balance your life'-thing, which is mindful spending. I only bought things that were on my need-list. Very proud of that! We also went for an evening walk in my village, where we stumbled upon this beautiful Christmas tree in the hall of an old factory building (which is now an apartment complex). 

2022 is also the year of our wedding! No matter what, that day will most likely be the happiest one of the year as I get to marry my favourite human in the world. When I look back on my wedding in 20 years time, I want to remember a happy me. Not just on that day, but on any day (or realistically: most days). Well, at least I have definitely made a start this first week of the year, and I can't wait to see what lies ahead of us. 

If you made resolutions for the new year, I hope you find a way to stick to them, while staying kind to yourself. Good luck! 


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