A vintage shopping spree

I already mentioned my rekindled love for vintage in my previous post. A little while ago, there was a big sale at Think Twice. Think Twice is a small chain of vintage stores with shops in three cities in Belgium. They switch out their entire collection every few weeks and before they do, they have a massive sale, with discounts of 30% and 50% on the first few days, and €5, €4, €3, €2 and €1 (!)-days to end their sale. that's right! When you walk into the store on that last day, EVERYTHING is €1. I stumbled across an Instagram post on the €3-day while I was in school. So as soon as that final bell rang, I jumped in the car and drove 45 minutes to the nearest Think Twice store. As you do. When I arrived in Leuven, I also found another cute vintage shop: Riot. So at least I could tell myself I didn't drive that far just to go to one single place (I should win a prize for self-justification). Here's what I found that day! 

First up: these gorgeous shirts. The tartan and denim one caught my eye the second I walked into the store. It is slightly oversized on me, but I don't mind a bit of wiggle room in a shirt. The red shirt was a wild guess, since I only found it on my way to the register and didn't feel like going back into the changing room. When I tried it on at home, it fit like a glove. Score! 

This blouse.. honestly, it speaks for itself. The colour is just divine. Not going to lie, I did wonder if it was a little bit too acrobat-like because of the shiny fabric, but then again, acrobats are pretty damn awesome, aren’t they? It has a pussy bow tie, which I have been tying at the back for a slightly more interesting look (as if a bright blue acrobat-like shirt is’t an absolute stunner on its own…).

This shirt is giving me massive farm girl vibes. Add some dungarees -which I will definitely do at some point- and a straw hat and come find me in the hay! 

My love for jumpers is limitless. This one looked so cute and had such a Sandy-in-Grease (back when she was a good girl) feel to it, that I just had to try it on. It is a slightly shorter fit. Made me think: I’ve got a beautiful pair of wide corduroy trousers from last year which would make a great combo with my Sandy Jumper (we all know that’s its official name now). Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee! 

This is a beautiful, beautiful maxi dress.This might just be my absolute favourite purchase of them all. I totally see this in summer with sandals and a hat, but I don't think I can wait that long so I will be trying to 'winter proof' this dress. 
I only took a picture of the top, because I couldn't find a pretty place to photograph it in all its glory. Aesthetic matters, people! Also, don't worry, I have included non-aesthetic iPhone-mirror-shots below to show you what some of the items look like on me. (I made these to send to a friend, hence the weird poses, but hey, keeping it real over here!)

Now for the money shots: 


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