A vintage outfit: cowboy boots and vintage dress

I don’t know whether I want to write this blog in English, or in Dutch, or both… My idea about that changes almost daily and strongly depends on my motivation and inspiration. Dutch is my mother tongue, but English sometimes feels easier… Oh well, I guess you (and I)’ll find out eventually . 

Today’s post is a gem though, if I may say so myself. It’s about my favourite outfit from the past few weeks. Remember my post about that vintage shopping spree? Well, the dress I wrote about is now an absolute favourite in my wardrobe. 

I paired it with a knit jumper by Yaya, a hat that I got in a local store and my trusty old cowboy boots. Howdy!


  1. Beautiful outfit ideas! Love the layering with the jumper, it's perfect for Christmas. I think you will definitely find out what you prefer for your blog at some point. Having the two languages seems great so that it speaks to more people :)
    Have a great weekend! x

    Julia x
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