Ralph Fiennes

Well, I am The kind of girl who Gets obsessed with certain people , mostly actors, and then I'm not talking about the boyish cute , good looking "dudes" like Zac Efron (who I like , don't get me wrong) , but the real great actors . I have been a fan of Liam Neeson and also went through an Alan Rickman fase. But these days I'm obsessed with Lord Voldemort a.k.a He who must not be named a.k.a Ralph Fiennes (pronounced ; reyf fines ) .This man is definitely one of the most talented people ever born (along with Meryl Streep of course ) . His impression of Lord Voldemort was amazing, but his performances in "The English Patient" and "Shindler's List" are very Impressive as well !!
So if you didn't know him already (shame on you), check This man out, it's definitely worth it !

Ps : he may be 50 years old, he doesn't look bad ;) check out those Eyes !!!


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